Possible Spots For Hidden Car Compartment Kit

In order for a hidden car compartment to be literally hidden and to look barely there kind of safe, it has to perfectly blend into the things surrounding it. The flawless the camouflage is, the highest the safety and security of the valuables.

Installing a car hidden compartment kit could be so tricky and requires a lot of special skills but for others who have the knowledge, installing it somewhere is a piece of a cake. Wimscilabs is an expert of car hidden compartment kit; visit them for more interesting information.

But where are the usual spots for hidden car compartment kit to be totally hidden from others aside from the owner? They can be located and installed basically anywhere inside the car. But the favorite spots are normally on the area that is easy to grab or within reach of arms.

Here is the list of those favorite spots to hide the compartment kit:

1. Key

Key is the usual hiding storage for small precious things like jewelry or medicines. This is the best spot as it can be brought everywhere together with you all the time. Misplacing the key is next to impossible since both the car and stuff inside the key compartment kit are precious.

2. Speedometer, Steering Wheel, and Stereo or TV locations

The accessibility is the main reason why these three comes as on top of favorite spots. It is literally within arm’s reach.

3. Air conditioning area, Side Mirror, Headlights, and Tail Lights

This spot could handle bigger stuff like guns and installation on this spot is uncomplicated.

4. Gear handle

Gear handle is one of the spots that are not discoverable by an unauthorized entity. However, it can only accommodate small-type kits.

5. Hood or Engine

Hood and engine could store big bigger stuff. But these spots are storage to those worthy things that are not used frequently.

6. Trunk

Trunks could hide a lot of hidden compartment or a hidden compartment in a compartment itself.

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