How to Use the Cocaine Test Kit

As we all know cocaine is a stimulant that is created through the extraction of a coca base from the coca plant or leaves. They usually come in the form of powder or pill. It is usually hard to identify cocaine through plain eyesight or by merely eyeballing it so how can you know if the pill or powder you have contains cocaine?

The answer is simple and it comes through the form of a cocaine test kit.

What is this test kit?

This test kit as previously mentioned is the kit used to identify if a certain substance as cocaine as of its main component. They usually come in a liquid form that you can mix with your substance and the resulting mixture will then change color depending upon the amount of cocaine that you have. This website is great source of cocaine test kit.

Why is this kit important?

There are some people who want to know the amount of cocaine that a substance contains or they just want to test for the purity of the cocaine just for plain curiosity. But mostly it is important due to the face that a person must know exactly what they are taking in.

How to use the kit

There are basically only five steps that a person must follow when using this test kit.

• Open the bottle. This is the most basic step but this is also the most important one. You must be careful when opening the bottle, make sure that you do not spill because it can cause contamination.

• Prepare a tiny amount of the substance you are testing and place it in a vial.

• Carefully add the reagent.

• Look out for any reaction when mixing like change in substance’s color.

• You can then compare it to the color charts usually provided.

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